Industry - Okara



Economic Activities in the City:


With the passage of time industries of all types have been established in Okara. Furthermore, the heavy productive sector is rapidly increasing in the area including Vegetable Oil & Ghee, Papers and Board Mills, Packaging Industry, Sugar Mills, Electronic Appliances (including refrigerators, Air- conditioned, Deep freezer industry, etc.) Cotton & Textile, Surgical Cotton, Feed Mills, Flour Mills, Rice & Processing Mills, Environmentally protected poultry houses, export quality Crockery product manufacturing, services, and professional Associations have also been developed in Okara. At present, about 250 environmentally protected Poultry Houses have since been established.


Traditional Crops (Rice, Maize & Potato)


Rice, Maize & Potato are the main traditional crops of the Okara District. Okara is considered as HUB of Par Boiled Rice as well. “Analyzing the level of production of Potato and Maize, Okara leads not only other Districts and Provinces in its 70% of total Potato and Maize produce in the country but also it equals in both Agriculture yields with India. Both these products have gained a traditional status for Okara District as in the Top Agriculture list as a yield producing and profit raising areas of the Sub-Continent”.


As the land of farmers, its milk production is No. 4 worldwide. Poultry, Environmentally protected Protein Farms, Cattle, Fish Farming, and Gardening have been the ride businesses of the farmers ever since. Okara has fertile land with enormous potential in agriculture yield. It meets the major food requirements of all kinds of grains, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, meat, beef, poultry, and confectionery. The district-wise production of Potato and Maize, Okara leads not only all other districts but also provinces with contributions equal to 70% of the total yield Maize for which Okara District is in the top agriculture produce list and which is being used in manufacturing Cooking Oil (Corn Oil).



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