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People of Okara will have access to clean drinking water for all day long along with the provision of other facilities at their doorstep.

Our Mission

Municipal Committee Okara facilitate its citizen towards sustainable economic growth, infrastructure development, social development and municipal services excellence. MC Okara promises to provide the basic amenities to general public with full dedication, commitment and exuberance and always striving hard to create business conducive environment, Citizen Centric (Baldia to Citizen) environment and implementation of E-Governance initiatives. MC Okara plans to establish orderly development, well maintained infrastructure and efficient delivery of social services to its people.

Our Vision

An efficient, well-structured and modernized Local Government system that empowers and enhances the quality of life of its citizens through service excellence and improved municipal service delivery. To develop Okara City toward engine of growth, center of economic activities, industrial promotion and employment generation.

Our Goals

Municipal Committee Okara is focusing on:
• Spreading congenial environment for its citizen by providing improved municipal service delivery mechanism
• Implementation of public health initiatives includes water supply, sewerage & sanitation, eradication of communicable diseases, infrastructure development
• Providing public facilities such as education, awareness, recreation, regulatory functions related to prescribing and enforcing building regulations, encroachments
• Looking after existing repair and maintenance of infrastructure
• Planning of infrastructure needs in recognition of urbanization and wide spread of population in the Municipal proximity
• Implementation of E-Governance initiatives in line with Local Government & Community Development Department, Government of Punjab decisions
• Implementation of efficient registration and redressal of citizens complaint mechanism system

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Mr. Syed Jameel Haider Shah

About The City

Okara became Tehsil Headquarters in 1918 when a network of canal irrigation was completed in the area. As on July 1, 1982, Okara District began operating as a district. It covers a space of 4,377 sq. km. The Lahore-Multan Grand Trunk Road connects it to Lahore at a distance of around 120 kilometer’s.
The name of the wild plant, Okanwala, was the origin of the name Okara. The current main city was constructed by the British Raj in six blocks, each of which contained identically sized and shaped residences. Such meticulously planned town planning had never been seen before. Apart from the Muslims, Okara had a sizable Punjabi Hindu and Sikh population until India was partitioned in August 1947. During the partition, the Muslims from East Punjab came to this region while the Hindus and Sikhs of Okara have to abandon their ancestral homes and relocate to India.


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Water Supply

Average Hours of Water Supplied to Households During a Month are 9

Solid Waste Management

Est. Solid Waste generation = 228.18 Tons Per Day
Avg. Solid Waste disposal =186.55 Tons Per Day
Disposal efficiency = 81.75%.


Percentage of Households connected with Sewerage = 36%


Total Number of Roads = 40
Total Length of Roads = 54(KM)


Total Number of Street Light = 1997
Working Street Light = 1624(81%)
Not Working Street Light = 368(19%)


Total Number of Parks in the city = 31
Major facilities available in Parks are Filteration Plant, Fountains , Swings, Jogging Track, Grassy Ground, Seasonal & Ornamental Plants


Provision of Machinery & Equipment for Improvement of Solid Waste Management in Okara City

Under the ongoing Punjab Cities Program with the financial support of the World Bank. compactor trucks, front blade tractor, front end loader, mini tippers, water trucks with uppers, dumper trucks and trucks are to be procured to adapt the sanitation system in Okara City to modern urban facilities. In addition to providing containers, some hand carriages and construction projects will also be completed.

Development Projects

Government & stratergy

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Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

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