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Administrator’s Message

Basic services enhance the quality of life of citizens, and increase their social and economic opportunities by promoting health and safety, facilitating access to work, education and recreation, and stimulating new productive activities. Municipalities face serious challenges in implementing service delivery options that will enhance existing structures in the sphere of local government. The need to strategically assess and plan the most appropriate forms of service delivery is of utmost importance. Administrations need to be geared to implement the chosen delivery options in the most effective manner and so ensure maximum benefit to communities. As soon as we step out of our house the first thing we will encounter is the Municipal Services. Being an essential service provider we at MC OKARA always strived for effective service delivery and we implement the principle of reaching out to the people instead people reaching out to you for these services. We always ensured the participatory development so that ownership of any venture will be ensured. We will continue to work hard to improve the service delivery in coming days and will always welcome any suggestion from any quarter.


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