The district OKARA derived its name from a tree known as “OKAAN” which was standing on the embankment of a water-tank, being maintained by a person known as “RANA”. Prior to colonization, that was the only place for rest and drinking water in an otherwise, barren tract.

Bifurcation of the Sahiwal district was, as envisioned by the far-sighted Administrators, like Mr. F.B Wace and Mr. F.C Bourne, a matter of time; and the 1933 Edition of the Montgomery District Gazetteer said so. Growth of population, and its attendant problems was the basic cause. The paramount consideration was, taking the administration to the door-steps of the people beset by development pressure and escalating needs. After much consideration of several alternatives, OKARA an erst-while sub-divisional headquarters of Sahiwal district emerges as the headquarters of the new district of OKARA on the 1st of July, 1982. It consists of three tehsils: OKARA Renala Khurd and Depalpur.

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