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MC Functions

For the purposes of PLGA 2019, Municipal Corporation shall be responsible for the following functions:
Part I

(a) Economic and value chain development;
(b) Management of primary, elementary and secondary education facilities;
(c) School enrolment and universal education;
(d) Monitoring and supervision of primary health care facilities;
(e) Preventive health and hygiene;
(f) Population welfare including population control;
(g) Solid waste collection and disposal;
(h) Sewerage collection and disposal including water management and treatment;
(i) Building control and land use;
(j) Births, deaths, marriages and divorce registration;
(k) Museums and art galleries;
(l) Open markets;
(m) Livestock and agriculture markets;
(n) Public parking facilities;
(o) City roads and traffic management;
(p) Public transport;
(q) Abstraction of water for industrial and commercial purposes;
(r) Emergency planning and relief;
(s) Support to provincial agencies in prevention of crime and maintenance of public order; and
(t) Regulatory enforcement in the functions assigned under Part 1 and 2 of this Schedule;

Part 2

(u) Establishment and management of pre-schools;
(v) Libraries;
(w) Drinking water supply;
(x) Burials, cremations etc.;
(y) Public conveniences;
(z) Children's services;
(aa) Community safety;
(bb) Arts and recreation;
(cc) Public fairs and ceremonies;
(dd) Sports;
(ee) Environmental health, awareness and services;
(ff) Parks and landscape development;
(gg) Slaughtering of animals;
(hh) Street lights; and
(ii) Sign boards and street advertisements.

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